Job_Search_IllustrationIn Australia, as with most of the world now, jobs are more likely to be advertised on job search websites, and less likely to be advertised in newspapers.

These days the average person has at least one computer at home, has a smartphone, or at least has access to the internet through their workplace or internet cafes.

The internet is fast and convenient. Long gone are the days of going down to the shop to buy the paper, trawling through the pages of jobs in the classifieds section, writing a cover letter (by hand!) and photocopying your resume to enclose in an envelope then taking it down to the news agency to purchase a stamp. You then needed to find a post office box to ensure the letter goes in the post before a certain time to make the post that day. Afterwards you would wait for several days, if not weeks, to finally receive a reply in the mail to say that you have not been successful for the job you applied for. Maybe some of you don’t remember those days, or they were before your time!

Job search has become so convenient that you can even have suitable jobs sent directly to your inbox and can apply for them with the click of a button. How times have changed!

Not only is advertising job vacancies online convenient, fast and effective for employers, but it can also be a lot cheaper than advertising in a newspaper, and have further reach. Therefore, Australian employers these days tend to advertise their job vacancies through one or more job search websites.

The most popular and utilised websites for searching for jobs in Australia are as follows:

Australia’s number 1 job site

On-line job listings from newspaper advertisements

A dedicated employer sponsorship job site


Other websites you can try:

  • Job

Government run jobs database

Australian job search website

Job search and employment opportunities in Australia

Aimed at the Australian backpacker market



1. Take some time to browse through the above websites, bookmarking the ones you like best or that have the largest number of jobs that fit your background.

2. Register your details to receive job alerts, upload your CV, and apply for jobs that look suitable.


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