457 Visa Abolished, or Simply Repackaged?

Australian politician Bill Shorten confirms my own view that the 457 visa announcement was dramatised for political purposes, calling the announcement of axing the 457 visa by Mr Turnbull as nothing more than “cosmetic” and a “con-job”.

457 Visa Abolished – Your Questions Answered

A lot of questions have been asked since the announcement of scrapping the 457 visa yesterday, and I wanted to answer some of them for you immediately, to help you work out whether you will still qualify for sponsorship in Australia.

Breaking News: 457 Visa Getting Scrapped – What it Means For You

I wanted to do a quick post before you go into panic mode about the talk of Australia scrapping the 457 visa, so you have a clearer idea of what is happening and what this means to you. I will keep you informed as more information is released about these changes, but for now, it is important for you to understand the changes and Australia’s plans for employer sponsorship, moving forward.