Discover The Secrets to Finding Sponsored Jobs in Australia Now and Stop Doing all the Things That Are Preventing You From Gaining Interest From Australian Employers

Dear Friend & Sponsored Jobs Seeker

I bet you’ve been looking for sponsored jobs in Australia for a while now, and let’s face it, it isn’t easy to find; employer sponsorship jobs aren’t always advertised, it isn’t widely known which employers in Australia sponsor, and it isn’t easy to know where to even begin the search for sponsored jobs in Australia.  Trust me, I’ve worked with many people who are looking for jobs in Australia for foreigners in all different occupational groups, so know the frustrations you are experiencing.  But I have good news for you, finally there’s a way – in fact, there are several ways, to find sponsored jobs in Australia. Discovering these ways was not easy, but what really matters is that you can now learn the various strategies and apply them to your search for jobs in Australia for foreigners!

If you are interested in learning everything there is to know about how to find job sponsorship in Australia, and how to do it yourself, then this is going to be the most important information you’ll ever read…


My name is Nadine Myers, and I’ve gained a huge amount of knowledge because of my research, studies and professional experience as an Emigration Job Search Strategist and Managing Director of Nab That Job in Australia, Sponsorship Australia and Resume Australia; among other Australian job search websites. I have worked with hundreds of people just like you who have suffered from rejections and no responses from their Australian job applications for more than 10 years, so I know how you feel and how frustrating and depressing it can be.

But that’s part of the past for many people seeking sponsored jobs in Australia, who finished their employer sponsorship search and have migrated to Australia; and that’s thanks to the strategies and techniques I discovered over the past several years, so keep reading and I’ll explain everything to you.

When I first started working with the Australian migration job search market over 10 years ago I began to discover the enormous lack of information out there for foreigners wanting to migrate to Australia. I couldn’t believe how many people really had no idea of where to start with their search for sponsorship jobs, and how to approach the Australian market.

I thought I could find the answers to this problem and to the problems that many people were facing. I combined the knowledge I had gained over the previous 10 years or so working in HR and recruitment from the perspective of the Australian employer; and spent several years speaking with people who had found sponsored jobs in Australia and contacting Australian employers, recruiters and migration agents to learn more about the market and what it is that is stopping more people from finding employer sponsorship in Australia. I literally GRILLED Australian recruiters, employers, migration agents and people who had found sponsored jobs about every aspect of employer sponsorship, what the best methods were and how to apply them to job searches. What I discovered:

Here’s the TRUTH that has been hidden from skilled foreigners for many years…

Many people don’t understand the hidden job market!

I know, it’s hard to believe, but there really is a huge amount of employers out there who are open to sponsoring overseas nationals. The problem is, the everyday person does not know how to tap into this pool of potential employers. When you’re struggling to find job sponsorship, it is frustrating. But if you could just find the information you need on where to look for sponsored jobs in Australia and how to approach employers, you might just have success in finding an employer to sponsor your migration to Australia.

Australian recruiters are not much help, and tend to be quite rude and disrespectful to people who are applying for jobs and looking for employer sponsorship. Since they don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes, they tend to not offer any advice, or give you the impression that finding job sponsorship in Australia is impossible.  They’re not worried about helping you to find success because let’s face it, that’s not how they will earn their next pay check.

Constantly applying to the same recruitment agencies and companies for jobs reduces your chances even more

That’s not new – many people know that if we keep applying over and over to the same companies and recruitment agencies, we will eventually irritate these companies and recruiters and they may even “black list” you from future job applications.  So using this method is not really a solution. However, using the right approach in your job applications will greatly increase your chance of success.

I have a very shocking but true fact for you:

Approximately 75-95% of jobs that will offer employer sponsorship are not advertised in the market.*

Here’s another truth that Australian recruitment agencies don’t want you to know; It is a proven fact that if you bypass the recruitment agency and approach the Australian employer directly, you have more chance of being considered for employer sponsorship. Australian recruiters don’t want you to know this because they want to earn the fee from finding a candidate to fill the employer’s vacancy. There is a reason for this, Australian recruiters make more money focusing only on the Australian market to find candidates as they can quickly fill the vacancies and earn their fee. But wait…there are ways you can get around this and strategies that can help you, and even get recruiters on your side.

Every day there are more things going against overseas job seekers

It is a fact that Australian immigration is making it harder and harder for people to migrate to Australia, whether through the general migration route or employer sponsorship. We keep learning about new rules they are bringing out that are making it more and more challenging to qualify for employer sponsorship in Australia. There’s not much we can do to prevent Australian immigration from changing their rules against our favour, but there’s a lot we can do to work with the changes and to improve our chances of finding employer sponsorship in Australia.

Finding sponsored jobs in Australia is NOT as difficult as you think

Most people have the wrong concept that employer sponsorship in Australia is impossible to find, and believe that only people who have 10 years’ experience at a high level, or only people who are under the age of 40; find jobs in Australia for foreigners. Well that’s not true; again, that’s what recruiters want us to think because they don’t want to lose their recruitment fees or their jobs. In fact, finding employer sponsorship in Australia is easy to do, you just need to know where to look for it, and what strategies you need to apply in order to attract Australian employers to sponsor you.

A lot of money is wasted on international recruitment professionals

There are many companies out there who claim to assist people to find employer sponsorship in Australia, and charge huge fees for their services, only to leave you in the cold and back where you started. These companies don’t always know how to best use the hidden job market in Australia, don’t have the right connections to assist you in your job search or don’t know what strategies work for finding employer sponsorship. Loads of people have lost money hiring these types of “specialists” to assist them with their job search, and it has cost them a lot of money. That’s just how it is, there will always be companies out there taking advantage of innocent people so that they can make thousands of dollars from them.

Not Applying the Right Strategies Will Lead to Not Finding Employer Sponsorship in Australia

That’s right, not many people know about this, but the real reason people aren’t finding employer sponsorship is because they’re not using the right strategies or approach. Searching for sponsored jobs in Australia is clearly frustrating; but applying the wrong strategies can sometimes lead to sabotaging any chance of finding employer sponsorship in Australia. But not just that, some people give up prematurely when seeking sponsorship, and if they had only just kept at it, they may have been living out their dream in sunny Australia. Just imagine if you found out you were only a couple of applications away from finding a job sponsor but you gave up too early.

You would be SHOCKED to know how many people would easily find a sponsor if only they knew what works and what doesn’t

Those are just some of the things no one is talking about, especially recruitment agencies and so called ‘specialists’.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. It took me more than 5 years of deep and extensive research to come up with a definitive step-by-step ‘bible’ for finding sponsored jobs in Australia, and I did it based not only on experience of others who have found success, but also on trial and error, until I came up with strategies that really WORK. I compiled all my tips, findings and secrets into a concise and complete guide on how to find job sponsorship in Australia without using professional assistance and following very simple steps to increase your chance of achieving your dream.

What you’re about to learn is unlike anything you’ve seen. Just imagine being able to find an employer who will sponsor you in 6 months (or less) without using professional assistance or spending a fortune. The best part is you can do this from the comfort of your own home, wouldn’t that be great? Finally a no-cost solution to finding employer sponsorship in Australia you can apply to your job search immediately and see results


This is the most complete guide you’ll read about finding sponsored jobs in Australia, and trust me when I say I’ve read almost every book and piece of information out there and the information is not even close to what it’s included in the “Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia” system. The methods, tips and techniques are so powerful that each time a friend of mine from overseas is looking for or knows of someone looking for employer sponsorship in Australia, I give them a copy without hesitation, because it truly works!

In fact check out what some of my first customers that applied my advice to their situation have to say:












Why This Could Be The Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Read and Why It’ll Change Your Life Completely

Because, every bit of this guide is packed with the latest cutting edge information on finding employer sponsorship in Australia and it took over 5 years to research, gather the data and compile it into this amazing new system.

During those 5 years, I spent hours every day digging through all the information I gathered, and applying it to my clients’ job search to test out the various strategies. So everything inside the Find Job Sponsorship in Australia system has been deeply researched and tested. Actually this guide was created around 3 basic principles, I call these principles, The 3 Pillars of Finding Employer Sponsorship in Australia. It is the combination of these 3 principles what allowed me to help clients take control of their job search and successfully find employer sponsorship in Australia. Now let’s see what the pillars are:


MARKETING: Success rate for finding employer sponsorship in Australia can can greatly improve if you learn how to most effectively market yourself for sponsorship in Australia.

HIDDEN JOB MARKET: The hidden job market is a huge resource of jobs that offer sponsorship that most people do not tap into. Success rates will soar by applying simple techniques and strategies in order to find an employer to sponsor you.

ATTITUDE: Ever heard the saying “Attitude is Everything”? We have proven this to be true, that a positive attitude wins over every time. If you go into your job search with a negative attitude you will unlikely find success in your search for employer sponsorship.

The system and the combination of these concepts is amazing, with instant effects.

You don’t need anything special or expensive, if you learn how to attack the source of the problem, and focus on the right things, your sucess rate will naturally increase. If the problem is addressed through these simple techniques, you will eventually secure employer sponsorship in Australia. That’s why this is very important.

Here’s another truth you should consider:

“The Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia system will teach you how to tap into the hidden job market and expand and use your networks to find employersponsorship – something hardly any international job seekers do”

You need to face the problem and REVERSE everything. Sponsored jobs in Australia are available, and can be found. You just have to decide. At this point you have two options:

– Continue dealing with your unsuccessful sponsorship job search, using the limited job search methods that you know of and keep experiencing the same frustration of not being able to realise your dream of emigrating to Australia.


Take control now and learn how to find sponsored jobs in Australia with simple, proven and effective methods and techniques that can literally change your life, making your struggle to find sponsorship jobs part of the past.


The Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia System exposes a compilation of natural methods and techniques that have helped loads of people with their job search. Take a look at these testimonials I just received.







Now let’s see a small preview of what you’ll learn inside:

  • Identify whether you do qualify for employer sponsorship, so you know if you’re wasting your time
  • Learn about EOI (Expression of Interest) and SkillSelect
  • The most effective way to market yourself for sponsored jobs in Australia so you can catch the attention of Australian employers
  • How to meet the expectations of Australian employers with your CV
  • Step-by-step guides to writing a Cover Letter that effectively addresses your sponsorship requirement
  • The best place to start for your successful sponsorship jobs search
  • Understanding what your ideal job is, so you can aim for your DREAM job
  • Using the most common job search techniques to your advantage in your employer sponsorship search
  • Understand the benefits of getting recruitment  agencies “on side”, and how to go about it
  • Discover the hidden job market and how to best tap into it so you can access the estimated 80-90% jobs that are available there
  • How to expand your networks and use them to leverage your sponsored job search
  • Identify the most suitable locations in Australia for yourself and your family so you can target these areas for sponsored jobs in Australia
  • Discover time-tested techniques for approaching Australian companies for employer sponsorship
  • How to use your Working Holiday to find sponsored jobs in Australia
  • Uncover whether volunteering in Australia would be an option for you, and how you could use this to find sponsored jobs in Australia
  • Discover how planning a trip to Australia helped other people find employer sponsorship in Australia
  • Read 8 in-depth, real life success stories of people who found employer sponsorship in Australia, covering exactly how they did it; including the strategies used so you can do the same


There are many more things included, that’s just a small tiny fraction of the amount of information you’ll discover in this jam packed guide that you can download within 3 minutes at the comfort of your own home. Without a doubt, The Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia System is:

The Most Complete, Effective and Simple System For Finding Sponsored Jobs in Australia Ever Created!

If you’re sick and tired of failing at your job sponsorship search, and not knowing where you’re going wrong, then Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia is for you. Get it today. If you like what you read so far then keep reading, it gets even better, I have something more for you. As a special offer if you order today I’ll include a set of amazing bonus products to complement everything you’ll learn. Check this out.

Main ProductBut besides all this amazing value, I still have something extra, so you make up your mind, order today and start enjoying the benefits of applying all of the strategies to your search for sponsored jobs in Australia. I’m offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee! That’s right, examine it, try it, use it for a full 60 days without risk.

You have 60 days. I’m taking all of the risk away from you by doing this, all of the risk is on me. I’m so confident that the “Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia” system works that’s why I’m offering you this guarantee. As stated above, if after 60 days you haven’t seen any improvement in your search for employer sponsorship in Australia, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

You can now discover the real secrets to identify, search and find your sponsored job in Australia in a very effective and easy way. No hidden fees, no shipping and handling costs, start reading it and start applying the advice instantly after you order.

It literally cost me thousands of dollars to research and develop the methods and the information presented in this guide and it can be yours for a very tiny fraction of that.

No need to wait for your product, you can download it immediately, even if it’s 2 a.m in the morning.


Yes! I want to take control of my sponsored jobs in Australia search and change my success rate now!

Don’t live another day with the frustration of receiving more and more rejection letters from Australian employers. Act Now!

You’ll get instant access to:

  • How to Find Job Sponsorship in Australia offering everything you need to know about your sponsored job search
  • CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia
  • How to Write a Successful Australian Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Strategy for Job Sponsorship
  • Job Sponsorship Application Tracker
  • Australian Recruitment Agency Database
  • Real Life Success Stories
  • And much more!

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Do me a favour. Try to remember the feeling of your last disappointing rejection letter from an Australian employer – can you remember the frustration? Now close your eyes, and imagine for a second that the next response from your job sponsorship application is an invitation for an interview.

Feels good doesn’t it?

This is what you’ve been looking for. This is the solution to your sponsored job search problem. This is the ONLY solution you’ll ever need. You can feel excited again, no more depression or frustration. Start feeling good and getting results in just a few minutes. Order you’re copy of the ‘Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia’ ePackage now, by clicking the big button above.

To a successful and frustration free job sponsorship search

Nadine Myers – Expert Author


“I’ve started uploading and circulating the CV, and your strategy document is proving very useful in that respect. Cheers again and I’ll happily recommend you to anyone who asks.”

Nigel -UK (now living in Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia)

“I have purchased your eBook and it was really wonderful. It’s advice, information and templates are very useful.”

Amanda – Japan

“I moved from South Africa to Australia and landed a position in 3 weeks: the first and only job I applied for and the first time I presented my “Nadine CV”. Amazing!”

Annie Oliver – South Africa (now living in Hunter Valley, Australia)


P.S: You don’t have to live another day of receiving only rejection letters, experiencing frustration and feeling lost. Get rid of your current job search methods that aren’t working, and remember that it IS possible to find sponsored jobs in Australia, but ONLY if you take action today.

P.S: Remember, when you say yes to the Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia Guide, it’s backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! You also receive you’re free bonuses at no extra cost, valued at over $150!

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