I’m not sure if you have been following the course of Cyclone Debbie that hit the east coast of Australia this past week, causing havoc, particularly to tropical North East Queensland, and its after effects created massive flooding down into Northern NSW in the last two days, where I am living. For this reason I wanted to share some information about natural disasters that are regular occurences in Australia, and how to learn more and use this information to help you to decide where to live in Australia.

Natural Disasters & Deciding Where to Live in Australia

When considering places to live in Australia, it is events like Cyclone Debbie that should help you with your decision making. You should keep in mind that cyclones are a regular occurrence up in North-East QLD, as beautiful as it is up there with its stunning beaches, sunshine, and let’s not forget the Great Barrier Reef. Australia has an amazing system in place for dealing with situations such as cyclones, flooding and other natural disasters, with the volunteer State Emergency Service (SES); and although the SES plays a great part in saving lives, destruction to properties can still be devastating and financially debilitating.

The Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW are all stunning places to live in Australia, and very popular amongst visitors to Australia. Although cyclones are not generally experienced in these areas, they can be affected by the after effects of cyclones in far north QLD, which result in heavy rainfall and flooding.

No areas of Australia are exempt from flooding (or other natural disasters); however, weather conditions and research into natural disasters would be wise when considering where to live in Australia.

This year so far has seen Australia experience some very extreme weather conditions, including major heatwaves, bush fires and now a cyclone and severe flooding. We have also experienced sever drought in the past few years, which is not uncommon in Australia. Most countries of the world experience disasters of these kinds, so it should not deter you from migrating. However, doing your research will ensure that you select a place to live with minimal occurrences of natural disasters.

Here is an Australian government website that gives you more information on the natural disasters experienced in Australia, to help you become better informed: http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/natural-disasters

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