Ethnicity Business People Career Job Search ConceptIf you haven’t already made the move to Australia and need to find a job before you get there, Careers Fairs and Migration Expos are a highly effective tool to take advantage of.

These events will offer you the chance to meet with Australian employers and representatives who are willing to hire foreign nationals, and who are actively looking for skilled candidates who would like to migrate to Australia.

There are regular events held annually, all over the world in this regard, particularly in the UK and Ireland.

Below are some websites with information on up-coming events. You can also try doing a Google search to find other events that are held in your home country.



1. Find out if there are any migration and/or recruitment expos in your area or country.

2. If you find any, make note of the dates, research whether it would be worth-while you attending, and (if yes) make plans to attend


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