“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

– Arthur Ashe

Australian Resume / CV

CV + Cover LetterFinding and securing a job in Australia, especially employer sponsorship, does not happen by luck. Although this may surprise you, it is actually good news, because it means that if everyone followed the same steps in the same way, they would have just as much chance as the next person, of finding a job in Australia.

If you follow all the same steps that other people who have had success have followed, in exactly the same way, you have just as much chance of finding a job in Australia!

There are several steps and strategies that you can implement that will dramatically increase your chance of landing a job in Australia.

The first step is ensuring your marketing materials are strategically set up for success. This is crucial to your job search, so whatever you do, do not assume that your current marketing materials are sufficient for finding a job in Australia. Always assume they are not – this way you will only benefit, as the worst case scenario is that you end up with a highly effective CV and cover letter for Australia – which are essential for finding a job there. Spend quality time on the next few tasks, and it will ensure you are right on track.


Marketing for an Australian Job

If you thought that you could just apply for jobs in Australia without making any effort with your marketing materials, you thought wrong.

Marketing is a great part of everything that we do. For example, if you started a new business and put no effort at all into your marketing and branding, do you think you would get any customers? Unlikely!

It works the same with looking for a job in Australia. Your ‘business’ is finding a ‘customer’ (i.e. an Australian employer) who will buy your ‘product’ (i.e. your skills and experience) by hiring you.

Your potential ‘customerswill be looking at other ‘products’ (i.e. candidates with similar experience) who are Australian residents (and therefore have Australian experience, so are regarded more highly), and these ‘products’ therefore are more attractive to the ‘customer’.

As such, you need to work even harder so that your product can compete against these other products; and you can start by preparing your marketing documents for success.

You may have already put some effort into your marketing documents and are feeling really good about them. However, what works well in your home country doesn’t necessarily work well in Australia, so it is always better to be sure that you are on the right path.


Start With Your Resume

If you are trying to sell a product to Italians, do you think you will get very far if you cannot speak to them in Italian? Probably not!

It is very important to know what your market wants, and to approach them in the most effective way that will sell your product. When selling a product to Italians, that means speaking in Italian. When selling your skills and experience to Australian employers, that means presenting your skills and experience in Australian language, and meeting the Australian employers’ expectations.

In case you were unaware, Australian resumes (or CVs) are different from resumes in other countries. Not only that, but if you are seeking employer sponsorship or your first job in Australia, you need to go that one step further and make yourself stand out and compete as effectively as you can against local candidates who are in competition for the same job.


Create an Effective Australian CV

If you’re not sure where to start with getting your resume into an effective Australian format, you can do some research on Google to see just how an Australian CV/Resume should be presented.

If you visit www.resumeaustralia.net, you can view high-impact CV templates that have proven to be successful in Australia, and you will get a good idea of how you should be aiming to make your own CV look, especially if you really want to stand out from other applicants (which you most definitely need to). You can also access the resume templates, if you are a member of this site.

For full instructions on how to write an effective resume or CV for Australia, including templates you can use and a bonus cover letter book; I recommend the book, ‘CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia’, which comes as part of the Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia ePackage, or is available to Serious Job Search members or higher. .


CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia (3D book cover)

CVs for Job Sponsorship in Australia, by Nadine Myers – available on Amazon



1. Do research into how Australian resumes are presented, and start to make changes to your own resume so that it meets (or exceeds) the expectations of Australian employers.

2. Visit: www.resumeaustralia.net to view and download effective Australian resume templates, or check out the guide at: http://www.amazon.com/Nadine-Myers/e/B00LA4U73K/.

3. If you are a member of this site, download your CV template and create your own effective CV.


Do not apply for any jobs in Australia until you have completed your Australian CV, as this is a crucial step towards the success of your Australian job search.

Click here to purchase the full book now.

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