If you’re still not sure where you stand for migrating to Australia, it can be helpful to use the Visa Finder tool on the Australian Immigration website. 

The Visa Finder tool will help you to narrow down the types of visas you might qualify for, so you can then do further research into those particular visas to find out the criteria and requirements for those visas or visa.

To use the Visa Finder tool, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Australian Immigration website, border.gov.au
  2. Under “Individuals & Travellers”, click on “Visas”
  3. Complete the details in the Visa Finder tool and click on “Find a Visa”

Review your results, as you should have been offered some potential visas that you may qualify for based on the answers you provided regarding your circumstances.




As an example, in the above screenshot you can see that I filled out the Visa Finder form stating that I am:

  • From the UK;
  • Holding a UK Passport;
  • Having the purpose to work in Australia;
  • Aged 36-40;
  • Looking at All Temporary or Permanent visa types;
  • Looking at All lengths of stay;
  • Wanting to bring my partner with me; and
  • Looking at All Sponsored/Nominated Visas


This search turned back a result of 19 visa types, including:


You can find brief information on each visa on the results page, as you can see in the below example, as well as links to do further research on each visa.


After researching each visa that comes up in your search, you should be able to narrow these down to visas that meet your requirements for living and working in Australia, and you should also be able to learn whether you meet the criteria for those visas. Once you have decided which visa you want to apply for, follow the links to find out how you go about applying for those types of visas so you can make the necessary preparations.

Take note that the results that you turn out from your search do not necessarily mean that you qualify for those visas. Rather, the results indicate that it is a possibility that you may for those visas. Please see the disclaimer:

The Visa Finder makes no recommendation as to which visa is appropriate for you or whether you would be granted any visa. Refer to the full disclaimer: http://www.border.gov.au/website/copyright-and-disclaimer.

Again, if you’re not sure about which visa/s you might qualify for, I recommend that you book a professional migration assessment.



1. Follow the steps to find out what visas you qualify, by using the Australian Immigration Visa Finder at www.border.gov.au.

2. Follow the links to do further research into the visas that come up in your search, and find out whether you meet the criteria.

3. Once you have determined which visa you should qualify for, and that suits your requirements in terms of living and working in Australia, it is time to do additional research into what is required to apply.


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